Oracle corporation is an US specialized in databases and software oriented to business. Siebel is the most completed CRM in the market, with sales applications, marketing and other services. It allows to reduce time to market as much as possible and helps to increase the productivity.


Oracle Siebel on Premise

The version “on premise” allows you to highly personalize your CRM system once it has all the information stored locally, which means, the installation of the solution would be in its own servers, that allows a bigger flexibility when it comes to adapt this tool the required necessities.

Oracle Siebel on Demand (SaaS)

The main advantage of the version on Demand is the disponibility of the system, been a service on the cloud will suffice with having an internet connexion and an authorised access to have all your data by hand, which shorts the deployment times.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud is an application for the automation of sales that offers facilities to its sales,like the management of the sales, of the statements and the predictive tools. It also helps its sponsors to create marketing campaigns controlled by them, improving the tracking of the sales for each client.


Oracle right now is the solution CRM of Oracle, focused on providing the best customer service. Thanks to the diverse applications of right now, you could strengthen the relationship with its clients and raise the sales while minimizing the costs.

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