Sage Group is a British company whose objective is to provide quality software specialized in helping entrepreneurs to flex their business processes.

Sage CRM

One of the solutions offered by Grupo Sage is its Sage program, which is responsible for the management of relations with its customers. This CRM software has a series of tools that keep customer records updated and accessible.
Sage CRM is a customer management software, focused on SMEs, easy to use and whose objective is to increase productivity and boost sales in your company, while helping you to offer the best personalized service to your customers. Customers, not only making them more loyal, but also attracting new ones.

Sage CRM will allow you to have all the necessary data for your sales processes, from contacts and opportunities, to each of the phases of your marketing campaigns. With this information available for your commercial departments, it will be easier for you to perform analysis and performance reports that will guide you towards better forecasts.

Sage 50c

It is an integrated management and accounting solution with connectivity to Office 365. Sage 50c allows you to manage all the basic areas of your business: finance, purchasing, sales, production and warehouses, among others.
Sage 50c is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, or "Enterprise Resource Planning". ERP software is also known as 'back office', in contrast to 'front office', to the extent that the former deal with internal administrative aspects, while the second term refers to software or operations related to attention to the client and public.

Among the main functions of Sage 50c stand out, within the processes of purchases and sales, the control of stock, warehouses, electronic invoices, all the process of documents that go from the budget or the proposal of sale until the invoice; Moreover, it includes accounting processes that involve the accounting plan and the accounting entries, the calculation of collection and payment forecasts, the taxation section regarding the VAT settlement and the withholding, section of listings to visualize the information through reports.

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