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Providing passion and experience since 2005

ABP was founded in 2005, in response to a market demand for consultants specialized in the technologies associated with customer management: CRM and with an approach in which the business strategy is integrated with the tools that allow its translation into an operating model in which efficiency prevails. With this mission we have consolidated a team of excellent consultants who, with high levels of commitment and responsibility, participate in the projects we undertake for our clients in Spain, Europe and several Latin American countries.

We support business processes with the appropriate technologies, seeking to optimize processes from the marketing areas to sales and after-sales services. Covering all channels and points of interaction of the company with its customers. We do not consider ourselves a traditional consulting company, since our approach is aimed at becoming business partners of our clients, actively helping them achieve their objectives, whether they are increased sales, improved loyalty, or customer retention…


Vocación de I+D+i (*)

ABP has invested a large number of hours in innovative developments that provide added value to our markets and customers.

Along these lines, during 2013 we developed a Java-based Framework that extends the capabilities of IBM Rational Functional Tester that simplifies the way in which quality tests of large systems are designed, maintained and executed.
Introducing a new concept: Keyword-Driven Automated Testing. Through this new concept that saves time and resources.

FasTest Features:

  • It eliminates the need to hire test engineers who have experience with a specific testing tool.
  • The creation of Automated Test Cases can begin in parallel to the Technical Design phase.
  • The inputs to automated tests are System Use Cases, as business users would execute them.
  • Use of a simple and intuitive command dictionary.
  • Automatic execution of test cases. In unattended mode, in seconds, and with infinite repeatability.
    Intelligent and independent system.

Advanced analytics platform financed with the support of the CDTI.

ABP has developed a platform for executing mathematical models that allows their deployment and execution in a self-scalable Cloud environment in AWS, with functionalities that facilitate the transport of the required data.

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